Our founder Mr. P Rajagopal efforts are sincere, intentions noble and the aspirations high, success is a natural by product. However, we don't believe in resting on our laurels. We have always reinvented ourselves'in our unswerving endeavor to offer unrivalled quality and taste across the world. Customers love Saravanaa Bhavan because the very mention of its name takes them back home to India.

Exploring culinary treasure

Rich and buttery flavors mixed with authentic spices of India, our menu is full of exciting food items with the traditional taste of Indian cuisine.

Serving Traditional recipes

We are serving dishes prepared with traditional recipes with exceptional taste and best quality ingredients.

Pick your taste

We have something for everyone, giving our customers a variety of meal options to choose from, for a delicious and delectable experience.

Chef's Recommendations


saravanaa's special

high tea time


" This place SEEMS very authentic - I'm not indian, so I can't be the judge of this. The place is full of what seems like indians at the very least. The food was delicious, i would advise ordering one of the crepes as an entrée. The food arrives super early and they very friendly. They also have menu's in English and German "
Maria A

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The World’s No.1 Chain Of High Quality Indian Vegetarian Restaurant.

Address : Kaiserstraße 68,

60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Phone : +49 69 25626378
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Opening Hours

Sunday 10AM – 10:30PM
Monday to Friday – 11:00AM to 10:30PM
Saturday 10AM – 10:30PM